Can Animals Drink China Grren Tea?


According to this study, If your pet is fasting or does […]

According to this study, If your pet is fasting or does not have an appetite, it is not advisable to give CHINA GREEN TEA because it will make their liver and gastrointestinal organs damaged because of toxicity. But wait, this study only applies to these pets and the reason green tea is bad for them is because they don’t have enough food or toxins to flush out and having antioxidants is too much for their bodies, but in general green tea is still good for pets. Why? Let’s find out.

Green Tea reduces inflammation of your dog or cat’s liver and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it protects them from pancreatic, colon, and stomach cancer. Helps in protecting the liver, pain relief for arthritis because of polyphenols, may soothe the pain in gingivitis, mouth sores and ulcers preventing oral cavities and infections. Its effectivity is concluded based on studies on a limited number of animals. Green tea can also be used in cleaning infected dog ears too. Steep the green tea in hot water, let it cool a bit, and spray a bit or place a few drops on the inner ear and let your dog shake the excess. These are the reasons why green tea is still good for them, but how about the proper dosage for your beloved kitty and doggo?

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