Character of CHINA GREEN TEA


On the spectrum of tea colors, CHINA GREEN TEA is on th […]

On the spectrum of tea colors, CHINA GREEN TEA is on the light end—darker than only white and yellow teas, and range in color from pale yellow to light green. They are generally lighter and more delicate than Japanese green teas.

Despite their delicacy, these teas are still full-bodied. They possess a sweetness similar to that of white teas. If you examine the leaves after brewing, you'll notice they usually consist of two leaves and a bud. Buds help sweeten the teas, but sweetness also comes from how the leaves are dried early in their processing. Pans, woks, and ovens are typically used to fix green teas in China, and these impart a toasted, sweet taste.

Broadly speaking, mellow and vegetal notes are apparent in Chinese greens, most often resembling cooked, grilled, or roasted vegetables. Floral, nutty, and chocolate flavors are also common, and sometimes the teas can even be described as earthy.

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