China Green Tea Can Act As a Fat Burner


Green tea’s fat-burning capabilities undoubtedly accoun […]

Green tea’s fat-burning capabilities undoubtedly account for its recent rise in popularity in the West. And while other health foods have shown mixed results in regard to weight loss, medical studies seem to uniformly support green tea’s fat burning properties. In fact, several different types of medical studies have been performed in the past decade came up with these conclusions.

In 2004, a study performed in mice was one of the first to analyze green tea’s weight loss effects. A test group of mice were given food that contained an extract of green tea, and their body fat oxidation rate was measured against mice without the CHINA GREEN TEA in their diet. To clarify, body fat oxidation simply means the rate at which fat is burned. Results showed that the mice saw a 76.8% reduction in abdominal – or so called “visceral” fat. While this data can’t be perfectly extrapolated to humans, it does support the idea that mammals can experience a reduction in abdominal fat by dinking green tea.

Another study, which took place at Birmingham University in the United Kingdom, looked at green tea’s fat burning effects on actual human subjects. In the experiment, healthy patients were divided into two groups – one consumed green tea extract, and the other received a placebo. After ingestion, measurements showed that those who consumed the green tea extract had body fat oxidation rates 17% higher than those who consumed the placebo.

To put it simply, the results of these two studies and others like it are nothing short of impressive. But what is the reason behind this fantastic health benefit of green tea? According to researchers, three compounds present in the plant’s leaves – caffeine, catechins, and theanine – account for its fat-burning properties. These compounds are thought to stimulate enzymes within the body that process substance within body fat, most notably triglycerides and synthetase. In this way, they help to shrink the body’s fat cells and lower overall body fat.

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