China Green Tea Extracts Have The Effect Of Weight Loss


  CHINA GREEN TEA is added to many supplements specific […]

  CHINA GREEN TEA is added to many supplements specifically marketed for weight loss.

  Studies have shown that people who actually drink green tea tend to be slimmer than those who don’t. But this is just a correlation. And, interestingly, there may be a ancestral/genetic effect. Green tea may affect people of Asian descent more than others; at this point in time, we don’t know for sure.

  In terms of weight loss, green tea catechins seem effective for overweight people. A review of several studies calculated an average weight loss of 1.3 kg after about 12 weeks. They also help with weight maintenance once some initial weight is lost.

  These weight loss effects seem to work best when the catechins are taken along with the caffeine. Caffeine-free versions don’t seem to work as well. This is the concept of synergy. Where 2 or more things work together for a greater effect than they do separately.

  In fact, the caffeine is thought to be the “fat burner”, and the catechins are thought to help caffeine work more effectively. And this weight loss effect seems to work better for people who don’t consume much caffeine on a regular basis.

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  This is because the body “adapts” [habituates] to higher caffeine levels. Having over 300 mg of caffeine a day (2-4 cups of coffee/day) seems to be the level where the fat loss from green tea extracts levels out. More studies are needed to see the weight effects of green tea extracts on non-obese people.

  How this fat loss works in the body is that there seems to be some “thermogenic” properties (e.g. stimulation of fat burning and metabolism, etc.). This thermogenic effect seems to work along with exercise for people who are sedentary, as well as those who are active.

  Another way that green tea extracts may help with weight loss is that they can reduce absorption of carbohydrates from the gut. This has been shown in a couple of small studies. The more carb you can absorb from your digestive tract may help to deliver much-needed energy for your working muscles.

  The bottom line with green tea and weight loss is that it seems to improve the fat-burning effects of exercise. It can result in a couple of extra pounds lost in overweight people who don’t regularly ingest too much caffeine.

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