Chunmee 9371 Can Help You Have a Healthy Weight


Tea comes in just behind water as the most consumed bev […]

Tea comes in just behind water as the most consumed beverage in the world. All tea comes from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. Although it is available in many different varieties, non-herbal teas fall into four basic categories: black, green, oolong and white.

Many of the health benefits come from tea’s powerful antioxidants, called flavonoids. There are more than 6,000 types of flavonoids, and one of the most common categories are catechins. Much of the research on tea has focused on green tea because when compared to black tea, green tea contains 3.5 times more catechins.

Our CHUNMEE 9371 is made from mature tea leaves and is less processed than other teas. Since the leaves have not been fermented, but instead are dried and steamed, green tea can keep its high level of catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most common catechin found in green tea and therefore has been the most researched.

You can consume green tea as a hot or cold beverage. It is also available in a more concentrated form called an extract. A green tea extract means that the active ingredients found in the green tea, such as the catechins, have been removed from the dried green tea leaves to produce a more concentrated form. Extracts are available in liquid, powder, capsule, or tablet forms.  

Be wary of green tea weight-loss claims. Some advertisements claim that green tea can speed weight loss, but research results are mixed.

Green tea contains catechins, as well as caffeine. Some studies suggest that it is the combination of these two working together that may increase energy metabolism leading to weight loss. One analysis concluded that green tea showed a “small positive effect” on weight loss and weight loss maintenance. A more recent, larger review also found that green tea may provide a small, “non-significant” weight loss, and no benefit for weight loss maintenance.

Although its caffeine and catechins may offer a slight metabolism boost, green tea is not the magic answer for weight loss. However, drinking a few cups of green tea or any non-calorie tea per day may be beneficial in other ways. For example, drinking calorie-free tea may help you decrease your hunger and stay away from other high-calorie foods.

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