Don’t Believe That China Green Tea Can Help Lose Weight


Be wary of CHINA GREEN TEA weight-loss claims. Some adv […]

Be wary of CHINA GREEN TEA weight-loss claims. Some advertisements claim that green tea can speed weight loss, but research results are mixed.

Green tea contains catechins, as well as caffeine. Some studies suggest that it is the combination of these two working together that may increase energy metabolism leading to weight loss. One analysis concluded that green tea showed a “small positive effect” on weight loss and weight loss maintenance. A more recent, larger review also found that green tea may provide a small, “non-significant” weight loss, and no benefit for weight loss maintenance.

Although its caffeine and catechins may offer a slight metabolism boost, green tea is not the magic answer for weight loss. However, drinking a few cups of green tea or any non-calorie tea per day may be beneficial in other ways. For example, drinking calorie-free tea may help you decrease your hunger and stay away from other high-calorie foods.

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