Little Knowledge Of China Green Tea


  There are many varieties of China green tea, and thei […]

  There are many varieties of China green tea, and their producing areas are different, but most of them are distributed among the southern regions of Zhejiang and Anhui. Spring is the awakening period of tea tree growth. It can be seen that there are little spots of green on the hillside, and the sunlight is shinning brightly, accompanied by mountains and rivers, and beautiful and natural.

  The best quality of green tea belong to Mingqian tea or Yuqian tea. They start from the branches and open up with us after all through the toil of tea farmers. The number of teeth and leaves of green tea varies from one to the other. Green tea just entering the water is dynamic and intense. As the water temperature gradually drops, the tea gradually quietens down, floating in the water at will, or sinking or turning over. However, no matter what kind of posture it is, it always makes people feel refreshed. After drinking tea at the table for a long time, the aroma had already covered the whole body unconsciously. I couldn't help letting people sip a few mouthfuls of clear tea.

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