Some Tips To Get Best Cup Of China Green Tea


• Use a teapot rather than a tea ball. CHINA GREEN TEA […]

• Use a teapot rather than a tea ball. CHINA GREEN TEA needs room to expand as it steeps.

• Take care with water temperature. I suggest heating water to almost boiling (about 180 degrees). If the water is too hot, the leaves will cook the tea and it will be too bitter. Warm your cup with hot water first so that the temperature of the brewing water won’t cool too quickly.

• Pay attention to water quality. If your water tastes bad, your tea will taste bad.

• Steep from 1-3 minutes. The smaller the leaf size, the more quickly the tea will infuse. However, if you steep the tea too long, the tea will again be too bitter. You can experiment a bit to find the taste that you like best.

• Store tea in a cool, dry place.

• For those who want to avoid caffeine (as I do), put the tea in the near boiling water for 30 seconds, pour off this water and then make the tea. This removes most of the caffeine.

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