These Kinds of People Should Not Drink China Green Tea


In addition to dizziness and fatigue, women who are in […]

  1. In addition to dizziness and fatigue, women who are in menopause sometimes also experience rapid heartbeat, bad temper and poor sleep quality. Drinking too much tea will aggravate these symptoms, so they like to drink tea. If a person is at these special stages, it is best to stop it in moderation, so as not to ruin the body!
  2. After the mother drinks the tea, the caffeine in the CHINA GREEN TEA can penetrate into the milk and indirectly affect the baby, which is detrimental to the health of the baby.
  3.  Pregnant women should not drink too much tea before giving birth. If you drink too much strong tea before childbirth, the caffeine in the tea will have a stimulating effect and cause insomnia. If the pregnant woman does not sleep enough before childbirth, it may lead to exhaustion during childbirth and even dystocia. appear.
  4. Women who want to breastfeed after giving birth should not drink too much tea. This is because if you drink a lot of tea during this period, the high concentration of tannin in the tea will be absorbed by the mucous membranes, which will affect the blood circulation of the mammary glands, inhibit the secretion of milk, and cause insufficient milk secretion.
  5. It is not suitable to drink green tea during pregnancy. Generally, the concentration of caffeine contained in strong tea is as high as 10%, which will increase the number and frequency of the urine and heartbeat of pregnant women, and increase the load on the heart and kidneys of pregnant women. It is more likely to cause pregnancy intoxication. Therefore, it is best to drink less tea. wonderful.
  6.  Every month when the menstrual period comes. Because menstrual blood will consume a lot of iron in the body at this time, female friends should add more iron-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, grapes, and apples. But if you are accustomed to drinking tea when you are full at this time, the tea contains up to 50% tannic acid, which will hinder the absorption of iron by our intestinal mucosa and greatly reduce the degree of iron absorption. It is easy to cause precipitation in the tract with iron in chyme or iron stones in blood tonic.
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