These Methods Can Help You Make Use Of CHUNMEE 9371


To maximize the health benefits of CHUNMEE 9371, it is […]

To maximize the health benefits of CHUNMEE 9371, it is essential to have it in the right form and at the right time of day. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when brewing yourself a cup of CHUNMEE 9371-liciousness:

1. No sugar of any kind, white or brown.

If aiming to lose weight, you must absolutely avoid sugar. Adding sweeteners of any kind cancel out the benefits and your cup will give you close to nothing.

2. Pick hot over iced.

Although there might be no actual chemical difference when having green tea hot or iced, the ice, constantly melting, will dilute the tea further and water it down more than necessary.

3. Skip the tea bag, opt for leaves.

Pouring hot water over tea leaves extracts the essence of the green tea best and that is not the case with tea bags. When it comes to tea bags, the chemical reaction differs and the potency of the tea is reduced deriving no actual benefit from the green tea. For the best results from a tea bag, when out of options, cut open the tea
bag, pour the contents into a cup and then pour hot water over it. Let your tea steep for about 3 to 4 minutes.

4. Have three to five cups daily.

The right amount of green tea to have in a day is three to five cups. The fact that its super light and mostly water can make that pretty easy and a much nicer alternative to regular milk tea.

5. Don’t boil the water too long.

When boiling water to make green tea, it is important not to boil the water too long. Bring it to the boil but then let it rest for about 10 minutes before pouring it over your tea.

6. Avoid drinking it on an empty stomach or during meal times.

The best time to have your green tea is after meals. Consuming it on an empty stomach can cause stomach ulcers or dehydration and having it during meal times can reduce the absorption of nutrients. At night, it’s best to have it an hour before you sleep.

Follow these simple CHUNMEE 9371 hacks to see maximum result.

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