5 Methods To Make Green Tea 9371


1. Lemon Green Tea Many diet plans promise fast results […]

1. Lemon Green Tea
Many diet plans promise fast results. They are expensive and usually do more damage than good. But there is one sure-fire way of losing weight and staying fit – green tea with lemon. It is affordable, produces fast results, and has been a staple drink for centuries. Lemon GREEN TEA 9371 not only improves health but it also contains fruity aroma with a refreshing flavour.

2. Pure Green Tea
If you’re a purist and want authentic green tea from pristine hills of Darjeeling, these non-fermented green tea leaves are a must-have. On top of having several health benefits, they have a vegetal flavour with sweet and floral undertones of fruit. To prepare your green tea, make sure to steep it at temperatures between 150 and 180 F. Otherwise, you may end up over steeping the leaves and your green tea will taste undeniably bitter.

Most herbal tea blends have high amounts of antioxidants that fight free radicals throughout the body.

3. Lemon Grass Green Tea
What’s the difference between normal lemon green tea and lemongrass? Lemongrass is a herb that has a slight lemony taste without the tangy or astringent notes of classic lemons. When infused with green tea, the resulting liquor is sweet and features a brisk, crisp finish. Lemongrass green tea supports your health and energizes your mind for the day. It is the perfect alternative to coffee and black tea because it doesn’t contain as much caffeine.

4. Japanese Matcha Green Tea
Japanese Matcha has a very complex flavorful profile with astringent, aromatic, and rich leaves that leave a lingering sweetness in your mouth post-drinking. Its intensity can be compared to dark chocolate or red wine, and the taste can’t be put down to any single descriptor. When brewed the right way, Matcha green tea instantly delights your taste buds and leaves it wanting for more. Many people describe Matcha as slightly addicting because the lingering sweetness makes you anticipate the next sip.

5. Cinnamon Cardamom Green Tea
This authentic combination of cardamom and cinnamon spices takes the idea of health to an all-new level. It is packed with antioxidants that tons of medicinal benefits that relieve stress and reduce inflammation. The aroma is described as sweet and intense, and the liquor looks slightly yellow. All in all, a healthy beverage that helps you set the right tone for the day.

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