Amazing Legends about China Green Tea


Because of its popularity in Asia and its recent date p […]

Because of its popularity in Asia and its recent date popularity in the West, many stories, myths ans legends have circulated about green tea, especially in China. Two of them, very interesting tales, tell the story of how CHINA GREEN TEA firstly originated in China.

One such legend tells the story of a Chinese emperor called Shen Nung, who had an habit of boiling the water before drinking it. He first tasted green tea after a tea blossom fell into his cup of hot water by accident. He was so pleased with its taste and properties that he ordered that the small tea trees should be planted in the palace’s gardens establishing a tradition of tea drinking at the Chinese royal court.

Another Chinese legend about green tea discovery was about a man Shien Non Shei on his name, who one day took his wife and children mountain climbing. During the climb, a leaf brought by the wind, drifted onto his feet. He tasted the leaf and thought it had an amazing taste and also felt that this leaf could have healing properties and could help quench thirst, when brewed. Thus, according to this legend he was the first individual to actually drink tea.

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