A Brief History About China Green Tea


The use of CHINA GREEN TEA as a health aid goes all the […]

The use of CHINA GREEN TEA as a health aid goes all the way back in time to the year 2737 BC. Chinese elite and bureaucrats were the ones who could afford green tea, because at the time, being a new discovery, tea was really expensive and not at all a common drink as we think of it nowadays. They also included green tea among their dining habits. We can say about green tea that it became number two drink in the world without us even realizing it. It was love at first sight.

After being discovered, the tea leaves undoubtedly became a custom. The Chinese learned and understood green tea’s health benefits. Elaborate tea ceremonies were born becoming a traditional celebration of nature, etiquette and health.First commercial shipment of tea to Europe

Green tea eventually found its way to Japan in between 729 and 800 AD. The Japanese emperor gave powdered green tea as gifts to Buddhist monks. The monks started to use green tea in elaborate ceremonies making tea an important drink for Japanese also. In a few years they also started to cultivate it and produced their own tea varieties competing with the Chinese tea market.
Tea was introduced to the West in 1606. The very first shipment of tea to Europe was actually green tea. Paradoxically tea became popular in England really late during Queen Victoria’s reign in the 1800’s. It was the Portuguese and Dutch who first imported tea to Europe, while England being actually a late comer on the tea market.

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