Can I Drink China Green Tea If I Have a Cold?


Although fever and cold are not serious illnesses, if w […]

Although fever and cold are not serious illnesses, if we don’t pay attention to some of his medical treatments in our daily lives, we will be very prone to fever. Therefore, we can’t deal with such minor problems casually. ignore;

Can I drink CHINA GREEN TEA if I have a cold

In ordinary daily life, we should pay more attention to our own dietary choices. Now we have to find out if we can still drink black tea if we have a fever and a cold.

Because the caffeine in tea leaves can improve our blood circulation system, it is actually not good for patients with fever and cold. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink black tea if you have a fever and cold, and drink black tea at night. It is also very easy to cause insomnia, so I hope everyone can pay more attention to it.


After analysis, tea leaves contain aminophylline, caffeine and tannins. Aminophylline and caffeine have the effects of stimulating the nerve center, improving the blood circulation system and promoting rapid heartbeat. Eating tea tea during fever can increase the patient's body temperature and further aggravate the condition. Ginseng tea also has the effect of stimulating nerves, so it is not suitable for consumption. In addition, the tannins in tea tea also have astringent effects, which will affect the body to sweat a lot and prevent all normal heat removal. If the internal fire cannot get the necessary release, it cannot immediately reduce the body temperature, which affects the rehabilitation of the patient. When you have a fever or catch a cold, you should drink more warm water.

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