The Methods to Store China Green tea


Store in the refrigerator    Store the CHINA GREEN TEA […]

Store in the refrigerator
   Store the CHINA GREEN TEA in an airtight opaque container in the refrigerator and drink it at any time. If you plan to store the tea for longer, it is best to store it in the refrigerator. Tin should also be carefully sealed to prevent moisture and odor from other foods in the refrigerator. When you take the tea from the refrigerator to replenish the daily container, make sure to cool it to room temperature before opening it. Temperature differences can cause condensation, which in turn affects the quality of tea. Wait at least half a day before opening.

Store in a thermos
   For families who may not have a refrigerator, tea can be stored in a thermos. Fill the thermos with tea leaves and seal with wax.

  The tea stored in this way can be kept fresh for months or even a year.

Store with quicklime
   Store green tea in an opaque container at room temperature and add quicklime around it.

  Quicklime keeps the tea dry. Make sure to replace the quicklime after a few months.

Choose the right tea
The quality of tea depends on how it is grown, harvested and processed.

   Tea grown naturally with the least amount of fertilizer is better. The correct logging and processing methods also play an important role. It is also recommended to buy early spring tea harvested between February and April, as it tends to be of higher quality.

Eat in two months
  It is difficult to ensure that the container is truly airtight, so it is recommended to drink tea within two months.

Store in a plastic bag
   Store green tea in a thick opaque plastic bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing.

   Put it in another plastic bag, seal it, then put it in the container and seal it. These measures ensure that the chance of air and moisture entering the tea leaves is minimized.

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