Choose High-quality Green Tea 3505


1.Look at the shape When buying GREEN TEA 3505, you can […]

1.Look at the shape

When buying GREEN TEA 3505, you can look at the shape of the green tea. First of all, you must look at the thickness of the tea, but also its size and weight. If the green tea is neat and uniform in size, it means that the green tea is of better quality. It depends on whether there are impurities in the green tea and whether there are old leaves. If there are none, you can buy it with confidence.


If you want to choose high-quality green tea, you can look at the color of the tea. The color of good-quality green tea is mostly white or dark green. The jade melon slices of Longjing tea are emerald green. So when choosing green tea, According to the color of different varieties of green tea to judge its quality.


If you want to buy high-quality green tea, you must understand the fragrance of green tea. For example, Longjing tea in green tea has a natural fragrance, while Maofeng tea has a natural chestnut fragrance, while melon slices have a strong and pure fragrance. You can make judgments based on their aroma characteristics, and you can easily choose good quality green tea.


When choosing green tea, you can also taste the capital of green tea. Those of good quality green tea have a mellow taste, green taste, natural aroma and sweet and clear characteristics. If the green tea you choose after brewing does not taste the above mentioned The characteristics indicate that it is not a good quality tea.

The above introduces the methods and techniques for selecting green tea. It will let everyone know how to choose high-quality green tea and how to choose good quality green tea. When you buy green tea in the future, you can choose according to the methods and techniques described above. , So you can easily buy good quality green tea.

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