Drinking Chunmee 9371 Can Make You Healthier


Reduce three highs   Studies have shown that CHUNMEE 93 […]

Reduce three highs  

Studies have shown that CHUNMEE 9371 an help improve indigestion, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria, and drinking black tea can alleviate symptoms. Green tea leaves also have the effect of losing weight. People who often touch paint and computers can drink more green tea; those who like to smoke and drink can drink more green tea. For the elderly, if you are an old tea person, it is best to use cold brewing method to make tea, that is, use cold boiled water to make tea, so that the "three highs" can be lowered. Green tea leaves should not be drunk on an empty stomach, otherwise they will be "drunk with tea"; black tea is not suitable for people with fever, colds, and gastrointestinal problems.

Lower blood fat and promote digestion  

Conducive to lowering blood lipids and promoting digestion. The effect on tea in the "Supplements of Materia Medica" of the Tang Dynasty is described in the description of picking green tea leaves as "long eating makes people thin". There is a saying among the minority ethnic groups on the border of our country that "cannot be without tea for a day". Because tea leaves have the key role of promoting digestion and reducing body fat, in the language of current fashion trends, it is beneficial to "weight loss". It is because the caffeine in tea leaves can increase the excretion of gastric acid, promote digestion, and improve the ability to dissolve body fat.

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