How To Keep Your China Green Tea Supply Safe From Pests?


China green tea is known to have lots of benefits that […]

China green tea is known to have lots of benefits that it could give to your body and that is why a lot of people are opting for tea instead of coffee. Tea has antioxidants that could boost exercise endurance and could prevent certain types of cancers. It could also help you prevent a heart attack by increasing your good cholesterol and decreasing your bad cholesterol. Also, it could prevent you from having undesirable breath because it contains catechins that kill bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath.

For a lot of CHINA GREEN TEA lovers, storing their tea in a very secure place is very important to avoid water from getting into it which could cause mold. In addition, it also needs to be protected from pests that could damage or eat the tea. If you are someone who keeps different kinds of tea, here are some tips to remember in keeping your tea safe from any harm.

Do not keep your tea in an area exposed to moisture
Moisture invites pests or insects that could infest your supply of tea. Most people would think that the kitchen is the best place to store tea, however, the kitchen is home for many pests and bugs. Also, not only does moisture attract pests, but it could also cause fungi to grow or mold to form, and if your tea is anywhere near it, this would cause your tea to go bad.

Store it in bottle containers or plastic container
Insects or pests are known to eat their way in through plastic bags or paper bags, so a great choice of storage would be bottles or plastics containers that insects could not bite. This is also more efficient in cases where water is accidentally spilled, the containers would be waterproof and would protect your tea.

Use containers with tight bottle caps or lids.
This way, you can prevent pests from infesting your tea because as you already know. Pests always find their way in through small openings so it is advisable to use containers with tight lids. This will also help contain the smell of your tea because some pests, especially gnats are attracted by certain smells. Tightly closing your tea container lids would be a very effective gnat control tip. You may also try out some home remedies to control them from going to any food exposed on your kitchen countertop.

Do not store or place your tea near any perishable food
Perishable food is always infested with insects and keeping your tea near it would make your tea collateral damage. The insects would inevitably include infesting your tea and making it also their food. It is best to have a separate pantry for all of your tea so it would be safe from pests and this will also help you organize cabinets that would prevent all your food items from mixing.

Having a supply of tea safely tucked in somewhere safe in your pantry is a great thing because drinking tea is truly beneficial and also relaxing. Storing the tea is a very important thing because how you store it would determine the preservation of its taste and aroma.

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