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1. Perfect your porridge Do you treasure your morning b […]

1. Perfect your porridge
Do you treasure your morning bowl of delicious warm oatmeal or breakfast quinoa? Instead of using plain water or milk to cook it, try using brewed green tea. Just boil some water, steep the tea for several minutes and then discard the bags. Cook the grains of your choice in the tea just as you would normally use water.

Tip: To balance the flavor of your porridge without adding sugar, sweeten it with raisins, goji berries or some stevia. Add almonds or walnuts for healthy fat, or dress up your porridge however else you’d like. Either way, you’ll love the amazing, depth of flavor green tea adds, and it’s a great way to get the benefits of so many healthy foods all in one meal!

2. Sneak it into a smoothie
Open a CHUNMEE 9371 bag and add half of the leaves into your next superfood smoothie for a new way to do breakfast. Green tea adds a great pop of flavor and has a fantastic grounding effect, helping ease any stress or tension you might have in the morning.

Tip: Choose matcha green tea for your smoothies if you want something a little fancier or for a sweeter, nuttier flavor. Matcha hasn’t been roasted like other types of green tea, so it offers a great flavor for smoothies and shakes. Organic Kukicha tea or Bancha tea are two other potent varieties of tea made with green tea leaves if you want a deeper, more traditional green tea flavor.

3. Enjoy it in energy bars
Making your own energy bars is one of the most budget-friendly (and fun!) ways to customize a healthy snack that doesn’t contain the added sugar or artificial ingredients found in most bars sold in stores.

All you need to make your energy bars are some dates, nuts, maybe some seeds (like pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds) and add-ins of choice, such as cacao nibs, coconut flakes or maca powder. Green tea also is a great addition for a fun flavor accent and a bit of kick (thanks to its natural caffeine content).

Tip: To make your bars with complete ease, be sure to soak the dates and nuts/seeds overnight in some water to help them blend easier. The next day, drain them, dry them off and whirl them in the food processor with your other ingredients. Roll and press the mixture into bar shapes (about 3″ inches square a piece), arrange them on a cookie sheet, cover with parchment paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then you can enjoy them for weeks or even put them in little baggies for travel-friendly eats!

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