Know How to Appreciate China Green Tea


  The brewing of CHINA GREEN TEA generally requires onl […]

  The brewing of CHINA GREEN TEA generally requires only equipment, tea, water, and boiling water to drink. However, it is not easy to give full play to the inherent color, aroma, and taste of tea, and to make a good brew. It can only be achieved by applying different brewing techniques and methods according to the different characteristics of tea.

   1. Tea set: For drinking green tea, it is usually brewed in a transparent glass (pot), porcelain cup or tea bowl. The porcelain in the cup and bowl is white, which is convenient to set off the green tea soup and tea leaves.

   2. Water quality: The water quality for making green tea is better. Usually clean high-quality mineral water is used, or purified tap water can be used. The pH of the water is neutral or slightly acidic. Do not use alkaline water to avoid dark tea.

   3. Water temperature: Just boil the water for the first time, so that the freshness of the tea is better. The water temperature of tea should be around 80℃, because the chlorophyll of high-quality green tea is easily destroyed and turns yellow at too high temperature. At the same time, the tea polyphenols in tea will also be oxidized at high temperature to make tea soup change quickly Yellow, many aromatic substances also volatilize quickly under high temperature, making tea soup lose its fragrance.

  4. the ratio of tea to water: usually the ratio of tea to water is 1:50~1:60 (that is, 50ml~60ml of water for 1 gram of tea leaves), so that the brewed tea soup has a moderate density and a fresh and mellow taste.

  5. Brewing technique: It is required to hold a kettle to pour water into the teacup, and use the gesture of "Phoenix three nods" to make the injected hot water impulse the tea, floating up and down, and the tea juice is also easy to brew. In addition, when brewing, always inject a small amount of hot water to infuse the tea leaves, and then pour water until 1 cm to 2 cm away from the edge of the cup. If you are waiting for guests, you can put the tea cup or bowl into the tea tray, hold it in front of the guests, sign with your hands, and invite them to drink. More particular, you can also use the following six steps to brew.

  A. Pour boiling water into the teapot and fair cup.

  B. Pour the boiling water in the fair cup into a small porcelain cup, then pour the boiling water into the fair cup, and cool down for use.

  C. Pour out the boiling water in the porcelain pot and put the tea into the pot.

  D. For the first tea, pour the warm water of the fair cup into the pot until it is full; pour out the warm cup of water in the small porcelain cup and pour boiling water into the fair cup to cool down.

  E. Take the tea out of the pot and place it evenly in several small cups. Please taste the tea.

  F. For the second tea, pour the warm water from the fair cup into the pot to refill the water, collect the guests to drink the cup, add water, warm the cup, and pour it out, then take the pot out of the tea, evenly divide it into five small cups, treat the guests to enjoy the tea.

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